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About ADRP

We are a community that is devoted to providing the best possible roleplay interactions for the members of our community. The first server was established on January 4th, 2018 and since then, we have been committed to bringing new and custom content to the server on a regular basis.


Custom Vehicles

Find your personal vehicle

Currently with over 650 real life vehicles available. With 35 cars added exclusively for purchase each month for that month only. We have vehicles for everyone, from tiny compact cars, to gas guzzling SUV's, from fishing boats to yachts, from hang gliders to luxury jets, something that can satisfy that need for speed for everyone! We also have an extremely in-depth engine building and tuning system to be able to break all the records at the local drag strip at Sandy Shores.

Real Jobs

A wide array of civilian jobs

We have hundreds of jobs that are available via the Player Owned Businesses. There is plenty of government positions available as well: Mayor, Judges, Lawyers, 4 Branchs of Police Departments, EMS, and Firefighters.



Become an Entrepreneur!

There are tons of Player-Owned Businesses throughout the city. Everything from Barber Shops, Clothes Shops, Tattoo Shops, Convenient Stores, Black Markets, Gas Stations, Ammunations, Dispensaries, Mechanic Shops, Dealerships, Motel/Hotels, and more! Each with their own means of managing their businesses, employees, and products!

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