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ems application

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ems application

Postby neigaur » Fri May 25, 2018 9:13 pm

Name: Geir Zoega

Characters Date of birth: 28/07/1993

Your age: 16

Where do you live: i live in europe

Steam name: mr.pussycat

Discord name: badu/neigaur

In Game ID (Not phone number): 12354

License plate (3 numbers 3 letters. Example ABC123): i dont know what license plate

Why does your character want to join EMS? i want to help people and i feel like there are not enough ems.

Have your character had any EMS experience prior to this?: sometimes ems don't come because they are too lazy to drive and i want to prevent that from happening

Please answer all these questions with a yes or no truthfully! (In game information)
Have you been convicted of a misdemeanor? yes
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? yes
Have you ever been charged with any drug-related offenses? yes
Have you ever had your license suspended or provoked? no
Do you use any recreational drugs? no
Do you have any health + Safety + medical training? no
Have you answered all of these questions truthfully? yes
Would you be able to pass random drug tests? yes
Do you consent to a background check? yes
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please explain below!

What days/hours are you (the character) available to work? from 11am-14pm on work days and 11am-11pm

What is your character background story? he is a little innocent man who has dangerous friends but when they framed me for their crime i stopped being friends with them. which made me want to be ems

A biker has been hit by a car, he flew of his bike and the car drove off. You are an EMS and you arrive on the scene what are you going to do? first i block out the road. then i go and check the wounds and see if he is okay, i will ask him if he can hear me and ask him to tell me what happened. then if he is hurt i will try and heal him up. and then i unblock the road and go to the next victim
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