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DMV Guide

Postby ChieF TroN » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:30 am

just so people understand the new driving license system here is a quick tutorial

1: go to the brief case, this is by the Morgue entrance
2: go up to the PED and press E
3: Click on theory and answer the questions that you are given (by clicking each option and then pressing next)
4: When you have completed that, go back to the PED press"E" then do the actual license.
5: After you have completed the test the car will despawn where you started the test and thats it, you now have successfully got your drivers license :smiley:

If you get to the end question and it says failed, please make sure you read the "notes" or "information" before you do the questions
If that does not work, then please try re-logging Thanks!
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