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Got a complaint about the server? Complaint about staff? RDM/VDM Complaint?


Postby Bunnie » Thu May 10, 2018 7:44 pm

Hi so on the 10th i was banned when 100+ explosions went off so we called an admin he came over and i told him what hapend then we go guns on ur back i was like WFT someone said to store the guns then he will check me in the process of that everyone died including the admin and me (Who was next to me dead on the ground) And i think it is a joke like he banned me ( and that is all he had to say about it i think you need to train ur admins better i would love to be unbanned but i really do think admins need to be trained. I am a server owner myself for arma 3 altis life so i know how to deal with this stuff
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